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Our Top Pick App of the Week!

ABCommunication had the privilege of hosting a workshop offered by Géraldine Wickert of APiO on how to encourage vocabulary and language development through the use of the iPad.

We loved learning how the iPad can be used as a tool to engage children, either as parents or as clinicians, to work on anything from building vocabulary, to storytelling to phonological awareness skills. We loved it so much that we thought that it would be a great idea to share with you, on a weekly basis, our top pick app of the week! That one app that we've just discovered and simply can't wait to use in our therapy sessions!

Here's our first very first pick, that we discovered yesterday during the workshop and yes, that we simply can't wait to use with our little friends!

Our top app pick of the night went to Alphamonster, an educational app produced by Marbotic. This fun, interactive app, designed for children from 3-6, is all about learning letters: their names, their sounds and their forms. With this app, children discover the alphabet and how each letter works, with recognition and association games to learn how to master these prerequisites to learning how to read. Bonus: it is available in 5 languages!

Alphamonster App

We'd love to hear your reviews and comments!

ABCommunication SLP Team

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